Peter Bell

Peter Bell, Industry-Leading Pioneer

Peter Bell

Peter Bell is an industry-leading Realtor® who has been setting the standards for ethical buyer representation for over 20 years.

Balch Realty Co-Founder
Peter is the co-founder and a principal of Balch Buyer’s Realty, the first exclusive buyer’s agency in Westchester. Unlike most real estate agencies, Balch takes no listings from sellers and works exclusively for buyers.

Ethical Realtor® On Your Side
While most Realtors® notch their belts for each house sold, Peter enjoys referrals from satisfied homeowners who got the right house at the right price through his efforts.

Peter knows he could make more money as a traditional Realtor® representing both seller and buyer in most transactions.  But he says, “That’s a conflict of interest.” Consumer advocates agree. They urge buyers to engage an exclusive buyer’s agent, like Peter, to make sure they have someone on their side, and their side alone.

Factual Outlook
Peter’s parallel career, as co-founder and principal of the CAS Appraisal Service (1986-2007) — one of the top 3 in Westchester — informed his vision as a Realtor®. Working with and managing appraisers, he developed a keen understanding of real estate market values. In today’s parlance, his outlook became “data-driven and evidence-based.”

Buyer’s appreciate Peter’s factual approach, which steers them away from over-priced and problematic properties while helping them buy at the best price. As Peter says, when it’s time to negotiate price, “a fist full of facts makes for a winning hand.”

Sustainably GREEN
Peter’s careful attention to the value and condition of real estate made him an early proponent of sustainability, so it was only natural that he was one of the first Realtors® to obtain the GREEN designation. Just ask. Peter can help you find a home that respects both your pocketbook and the environment.

Peter is GREEN and not just superficially. While you’re thinking about furniture, carpet and painting, he’s checking design, construction, insulation, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems and more. Peter says “GREEN is nothing new for me. I’ve always recommended environmentally friendly and efficient homes because they save money and last longer.”

The Broker You Wished For
Every buyer hopes her real estate agent will listen to her needs, offer good advice, and negotiate a good deal. Buyers working with Peter Bell and Balch Realty get their wish and then some!

Before you buy…
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