Code of Ethics for Balch Buyer’s Realty

Balch is an exclusive buyer’s agency, which means we work only with buyers, never with sellers. And we never take listings, which would create a conflict of interest with the buyers we represent.

Our Code of Ethics

Your Balch agent will freely disclose all the reasonably available information that might influence your decision to purchase a property.

Your Balch agent will also reveal the known risks associated with your purchase, and recommend experts to help you assess risks outside our agency’s expertise.

But your Balch agent will never direct you to a service that is not in your best interest.Code of Ethics

At your direction, your Balch agent will assist in negotiating the price and terms of your purchase.

And your Balch agent will not accept compensation in any form — commissions, bonuses, gifts or profit — relating to your purchase without your knowledge.

* The Balch Buyers Realty Code of Ethics is based on the code published by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, of which Balch is a member.