For Your Protection: Home Inspection

At Balch Buyer’s Realty, we’re not afraid to “blow a sale.”  If we spot a problem or defect in a house we’re showing you, we’ll tell you — before it costs you any money or robs you of sleep.

But you shouldn’t rely on us to determine if a house is sound, has structural defects, or will need major repairs in the near future.  That’s a job for a Home Inspector.

Home Inspection

Home Inspectors, who are required to be licensed and insured in NY and CT, are not appraisers — who determine the market value of a house — and not home improvement contractors, who renovate, repair, and remodel.  They are independent examiners trained to evaluate the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems of a house, and to examine its structure, including the foundation, roof, masonry, siding and other interior and exterior components.

We suggest you make any offer to buy contingent on a home inspection by a qualified inspector. His report — which you will pay for — will identify items that should be repaired or replaced, and will estimate the useful life of the major systems. The report will let you buy with confidence, negotiate a better deal, or walk away from a headache.

You can find an independent Home Inspector in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet under Home Inspection.  Many belong to professional organizations, such as The American Society of Home Inspectors, which hold their members to high ethical and educational standards.  In our area, we recommend:

John Polgreen dba JPG Home Evaluation Services
81 Hamilton Dr, Carmel, NY 10512

Rick Maxwell
CTNY Home Inspections LLC
206 S King St, Danbury, CT 06811

ProChek Home Inspection Services
100 Mill Plain Rd, Danbury, CT 06811

P.S. You can look up NY Licensed Inspectors and CT Licensed Inspectors online.