Spring Forward or Sit Out the Season

First time buyers and seasoned investors, generations X, Y and Z all want to know.  Is it time to buy, or should I sit on the sidelines a little longer?

At Balch Buyers Realty, we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t read tea leaves.  But we do know that Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Fairfield home prices have trended upward in recent months while inventory is stabilizing. Financing is possible again, although not loose or easy.  And sellers are willing to bargain.

Spring fever
June is bustin’ out all over…

We can’t cite hard evidence or even clever theory, but just as some folks know in their bones when it’s going to rain, we feel the market for real estate is poised to blossom.  We could be wrong, of course.  It might be just Spring fever.

But you asked and so we’re telling.  If you’re buying for investment purposes, there are many attractive properties we can show you.  Our advice is free, but due diligence, of course, is up to you.

If you’re looking for your first or next home, call us at (845) 278-8761.  We can show you some rock-solid offerings that seem too good to be true.

And remember.  Balch isn’t “pushing” any listings or “dumping” any “dogs”.  We’re exclusive buyer’s brokers.  We don’t take listings!  We’ll show you anything and everything on the market that meets your needs.

Sit tight if you like, or call us today at (845) 278-8761 for the home of your dreams.